The word “Archipelago” refers to a series or chain of islands. In this case, three islands represent the music, technology and adventure that make up the innovative force that is Archipelago Entertainment.

The marriage of technology, nature and fantasy can be found in every song by Adara. Whether it’s incredible instrumentals or blistering high notes, this girl defines epic.


    The music fuses passion, fantasy and talent, creating a soundtrack for our lives. AE's emerging artists bring it all to you in a marriage of electronica and musicality.


    The adventure aspect of AE will capture the greatness within people. Multi-generational audiences will experience the thrill of global excursions, distant competitions and memorable discoveries as if they were there.


    Cutting edge technology will fuse the common denominators found in AE's music and adventure projects. Stunning videos, mobile apps, educational platforms, and an inventive environment for forward thinking individuals will point Archipelago's compass true North to lead the pack.